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Debbie Brown rate it 5 of 5 stars

I loved how real everything in this book felt. The characters came to life and easily pulled me into their story. The writing of this talented author paints intense emotions in a way that you can’t help but experience it all along with Nora as she learns to stand on her own and eventually spread her wings. There were times where I was so sure of the decisions Nora was to take, only to be surprised by the creative path the author chose for her instead.
Liz describes the settings so well that you can see, feel and smell everything around Nora. By the end of the novel you will have experienced every emotion possible and watched Nora grow through her trials all while visiting the wonderful places created by the author.
This is not a sappy romance novel, but a book of life...Nora's life, with real feelings and all.

Naynay rated it 5 of 5 stars

Nora Darkin is the daughter of a wealthy entrepreneur, about to marry his right-hand man, Liam Connolly. Her father could not think of a better son-in-law. But at her wedding dinner she announces there will be no wedding, Liam is not the man she thought he was. This decision puts a strain between Nora and her father, as Nora always lived up to his controlling ways just can not do it anymore. So Nora leaves and goes to a small town called Dreara. Here she makes new friends, she starts living her dream to be a chef, she is now living her own life. She meets Ethan Danes, her neighbor who has his own problems, he is there to help Nora. While their relationship grows Nora thinks she finally knows what it is to be happy. But then a woman from Ethan's past comes back into his life.
This is a story that starts off with the main character dealing with forgotten dreams, secrets, and broken promises. As the story continues it is a woman who decides to find herself and stand on her own. A search for new beginnings, learning to forgive, and finding real love. Liz Grace Davis penned such emotion into this story and created characters you easily fell in love with. It is a emotional and an inspiring read, and I want to tell you to BUY THIS BOOK!

Linda Juliano rated it 4 of 5 stars

Liz Davis did a wonderful job on Chocolate Aftertaste. It's an enjoyable read with twists that will keep you guessing. And just when you think you have it, you know what choices will be made or what will happen, you'll be swept in another direction. Very well done with characters you'll love, dislike then love again. I definitely recommend this book! She's an author to keep your eye on. 

Dinique rated it 4 of 5 stars

I really liked this book a lot. It had a great start that made you interested immediately. And everything was continuous for the most part. There was a lot of drama and the like. A good balance though of negative and positive.

Personally, I found myself relatively surprised at some points. Because you may find that while some elements are predictable, some are not at all. I did not expect some things to happen. And I went from liking a character to hating them and going back again so easily.

This was a romance story that I've never seen before. The standard template was nothing that I'd ever read you could say. I really wish some things were added. I'd have given anything to see the reaction of a certain female after the man she tried to marry caught her in the most extreme, cruel and dirty lie that naturally... ended everything. I really would have. But it probably would have made the story too long so all I can do is imagine.

But yeah, people who like romance but want something that's almost unexpected and hard to predict will enjoy this. The hard to predict is less having trouble predicting and more discovering that your predictions are wrong. It's quite fun, I'm sure. 

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