Wednesday, August 3, 2011

IT'S NOW OR NEVER By Carole Matthews

Have you ever reached the do or die point in your life? Where something has to change or you'll go crazy?
Well, in a nutshell, that's what this novel is about. A pair of twins in their thirties believe they have reached a dead end in their lives, while their older, richer,and  prettier, sister (or so they think) seems to be flourishing. According to them, she has taken all the the fire and left Annie and Lauren with the ashes of what could have been.

Annie is stuck in a marriage with two kids, whose only idea of fun is racing from one party to the next and getting drunk, and a husband who is content as long as he has a fishing rod in his hand. In their twenty years of marriage, their only holiday destination has been Cromer.Every single year. She's getting bored.

Annie's twin, Lauren wants what Annie has. A husband (minus the fishing rod and same destination holiday). There's only one small problem. Correction, one big problem. The man she wants, her boyfriend of several years, has already filled another woman's "husbandy'' needs. A string of empty promises push her to the edge and she has to decide whether to stay or to leave. Another problem. She loves him and she can't pull away without getting hurt.

If you ever need that extra push towards your dreams, this book could be for you. It made me laugh, encouraged me to never stop reaching for the skies, and made me want to pack my bags and leave for Peru (you'll love the scenery created in the book).
I'll say no more.


  1. Hi Liz. I have chosen you for an award about friendship. Thanks for all your support!

  2. I love how you write a review I can read quickly yet still feel as if I have everything I need to know that this will be an enjoyable read. I’m glad I discovered your blog through Julia Hones’ and am delighted to be a new follower.

  3. My dear Julia, thank you so much for the award. I appreciate your friendship and support. I appreciate you.

    Michelle, it's comments like yours that keep me keeping on. Thank you for visiting my blog. Come back soon.