Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Passing on the award

Now that I'm well rested, I remembered that I still have The Irresistibly Sweet Blog award to pass on to well deserving bloggers. I received it from my penfriend, Larissa.

Before I hand it over, I have to say a few things about myself. I think you know a lot about me already from the other awards that required this of me, but I will think of something:
1. Apart from being a writer, I'm also a digital scrapbooker and love to create jewelry.
2. I love anything with the word lemon on it (juice, air freshener, sweets etc.). When we go out for an ice-cream, guess what I buy...you got it right, lemon ice cream. When I buy something else, I feel guilty and often have to beg my husband so we can go back to buy that lemon ice cream.
3. My goal in life is not to make a lot of friends, but to make some good friends, no matter how few (quality not quantity)
4. When I'm very sleepy and tired, I start talking to my husband in my mother tongue. He doesn't speak it but responds with a "yes baby" to everything I say.
5.  It annoys me when people don't shake my hand firmly. I just don't like the dead fish grip.
6. When I was in primary school I was elected to be A Toilet Prefect. At break time, I made sure the other students respected the toilet rules (Yep, exactly what you think). Now, don't laugh. It was a job I took very seriously. I felt so important).
7. I love to Salsa (I attended a one year course a couple of years ago. I think I'm pretty good.).

Now, to pass on the award. Please drop by and say hello. The award goes to:
1. Mrs. Pancakes at Mrs. Pancakes
2. Julia Hones Julia Hones at My writing life
3.  Rachel McClellan at Blackbird in my window
4. Anne Gallagher at Piedmont Writer
5. L.J at L.J writes
6. Donna B. at Mystical Journeys
7. 120socks at 120socks

That's it for now guys. I won't be a stranger. Don't be.


  1. Thanks so much for the award, Liz! I'm honored! You cracked me up about your "mother tongue" and the "Toilet Prefect"!

  2. Thanks, Liz. You are so sweet! You made my day.

  3. haha, I love your #3 and #4. I can't aspire to #6 myself but love those who can.

    Congrats how the award, well deserved.

  4. Congratulations on the award Liz. I haven't been a good blogger friend because I haven't visited with my penfriends lately.
    It is my intention to not be a stranger to the blogs of my friends.

  5. Congrats, I just got that award myself:) Cool blog:)