Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Early bird update

Sleep was incredibly delicious this morning, even more than yesterday. But I did get up and got a lot of editing done. I edited two chapters and am pleased with the results.

I have learned one thing, though.
Before going to bed I should always figure out what it is I will be working on the next day and know where all my notes are. This morning I spent almost fifteen minutes searching the apartment for one of my notebooks (with valuable information). When one only has a limited amount of time to write/edit, fifteen minutes is a long time.

I did find the notebook and in the end, I was pleased with what I had accomplished. I look forward to the end of the week when I review my progress.

If I keep going this strong, I'll easily make it by my birthday.

Happy writing



  1. Congratulations. I've been keeping tabs on you. I'm very proud of you that you've stuck to your commitment.

  2. Good job, Liz! I think you are inspiring others in the same direction. Thanks!

  3. Hey Anne, it's nice to know that I have so much support. I'll do my very best to stick to this.

    Julia, It's motivating to know that I'm not only doing it for myself. If I give up, others might give up too. In that case, I'll keep at it.

    Thanks for coming by ladies. I appreciate you.Hugs.