Thursday, May 12, 2011

Early bird update 3

The alarm rang and I got up-no grumbling, no staring at the ceiling, no discussion. I just slipped out of bed, wrapped a blanket around my shoulders and walked calmly to my work space, ignoring my heavy eyelids. Five minutes later, I was editing furiously and actually loving it. I didn't get much done, but I got enough done. That's still a great way to start the day. Later in the morning before I left for work, the satisfaction I had felt after editing crumbled. I burned three dresses while ironing (one after the other), ripped a zip off a pair of jeans and spent half an hour looking for my phone and my keys. Needless to say, I arrived late at work but my calm is back.
It's a beautiful sunny day and I intend to enjoy it. Maybe I'll start a good novel tonight. It's been a while since I had the time to read for pleasure.

In a nutshell, my morning started off well, deteriorated and brightened up again. But the important thing is, it's the third day and I'm still sticking to my schedule, still moving forward.

Hope your day started off right.


  1. You've been MIA for a while.
    I lost my habit of popping in here, so imagine my surprise when I found out you're doing great and kicking (writing wise).

    ~ Akoss

  2. Hi dear Akoss, yes, I definitely doing great and kicking. I'm so happy you keep checking up on me. Hope you're doing well too. I was just reading your great journal today. Very inspiring. Come back soon, the door is wide open for you.


  3. Hey G,

    It's great that you're editing your book every morning! Great dedication to your work! I'm doing the same thing with my work so I'm with you a hundred percent! Keep at it! I'll be your cheerleader, lol!

    If you want, after you're done editing your book, you can send it to me. I'm planning on reading the entire summer once I'm done editing my three novels. Then in the fall, I'll be getting back to work, lol.

    Good Luck and Take Care,