Monday, January 16, 2012

Covers in the spotlight--Gastien Part 1&2 by Caddy Rowland

The covers of this week are breathtaking. I chose to display both because it's a series and also because both are just so gorgeous. This series is romance/drama.
Enjoy and let me know what you think.

Gastien Part 1: The Cost of the Dream:

Stunningly handsome Gastien has two dreams that burn relentlessly inside of him.  First, he wants to become a great artist. Nineteenth century France is a hotbed of new ideas in art; unfortunately, naïve young men, hoping to achieve impossible dreams, die in the gutters of Paris every day.   
Gastien also wants to become a great lover. That will not be so difficult.  So far, nineteenth century women can only dream of a man who cares if he actually satisfies them!
He has no training, no money, and no connections. And, he is a virgin…so far.
What does he have? Raw, natural talent, a willingness to learn, and a face and body no woman will be able to resist. He vows to stop at nothing to make his dreams come true.
Gastien Beauchamp, Paris is yours for the taking.
Sometimes, the "impossible" is possible. But the cost can be extremely high.

Gastien Part 2: From Dream to Destiny:
I am Gastien Beauchamp, artist and lover. Any Frenchman would tell you that a peasant could never own property in nineteenth century France. Yet here I am, in my very own studio.
The personal cost was horrendous. I barely survived the choices I made, and my sanity was pushed to its limits.
Still, I finally now have security, peace, and freedom. For the rest of my life I can spend time “making love to the color”, making love to beautiful women, and enjoying the wild nightlife of bohemian Montmartre. What more could a man need or want?
Then, one night, I see her. One look at Sophie, and my heart wants to betray me! I try to tell myself that I know better. Who needs love, anyway? I am already married-to my art!
No woman would ever understand and accept my lifestyle; nor am I about to give that lifestyle up! Not when I paid so dearly for it. Besides, I am too badly damaged to ever open up my heart…

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"Sometimes, the "impossible" is possible.  But the cost can be extremely high."
Gastien Part 1: The Cost of the Dream
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Gastien Part 2: From Dream to Destiny
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  1. Very nice! I like how they flow together, so you can tell they belong to the same series.

    Adriana Ryan