Thursday, January 5, 2012

Cover in the spotlight--Tangi's Teardrops (Designed by Tamra Westberry)

So, as you can see, the cover has totally changed. It was hard to let go of my self designed cover, but
even though it was beautiful, it didn't fit the genre of the book. I was also going for the fairytale feel.

That's why I decided to hire a cover artist. I hired Tamra Westberry after reading so many great reviews about her. And she was fantastic and I love my cover so much, my heart beats faster when I look at it. She was such a lovely person to work with and we really worked very well together. I sent her a long description and she did exactly what I wanted and much more. I would highly recommend her. I had a lot of fun searching for images and was so glad when I finally found my model. Tamra found most of the other images.

For now we just did the front cover and after a week or two when the final proofreading is done, she'll design the back and the spine and the book will be ready for publishing. I can't wait. Okay, here's the cover in the spotlight. What do you think.

For those interested in finding out more about Tamra, here's the link to her website:Tara West or you can find her on face book: Tamra Westberry


  1. Gushing! Thanks! It was so much fun working with you. This is one of my favorite covers!

  2. Nice! I think it definitely looks more fantasy now, and the single tear phrase shows up more. I kinda liked just having part of the face show more than the full face, however (and I've heard people like to imagine more what the character looks like instead of having a total photo/pic on the cover). The words look balanced with the title below, but it almost looks like your name IS the title, or else part of the single tear line (esp since there are ellipses there). Just thoughts. I think she did a great job!

  3. Wow, the book cover looks like a professional cover. It looks so nice! I can't wait to see the proof of the book! :D It's gorgeous! :)

    Nice change of your blog, btw. It's gorgeous too. :)