Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Cover in the spotlight--A Little Magic by Valerie Gillen

This week's cover in the spotlight, A Little Magic by Valerie Gillen was also designed by Tamra Westberry. It's also the cover that made me decide to hire her. I just love it. The title says it all. It does have A Little Magic. Don't you think?

A Hidden Power: Stepdancer Siobhan Kelly didn't believe in magic - until the magic chose her.

A Promise Made: She's been warned magic is evil, but with her grandmother felled by a deadly curse, she must make a bargain with the local Fairie prince - the return of their sacred Jewel in exchange for her grandmother's life.

And it just might work too - if only she can escape the dark witch who's made Siobhan her prey in the hunt for a deadly blood spell.

Now available:  A Little Magic by Valerie Gillen http://www.amazon.com/dp/B005OUHOXM
Smashwords/Barnes & Noble:  ISBN 978-1-4660-9180-1

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  1. I like what Tamra has done, both with this cover and yours. Nice!