Thursday, October 18, 2012

One Lovely Blogger Award

Gosh, how time flies. It's been a while since I posted about my life. I had so much to do in the last few weeks; university, work, editing next novel, moving into a new place. I officially hate moving. But hubby and I are settled now.I can breathe again.

Before I start posting more often, I'd like to thank my wonderful author friend, Debbie Brown, author of Amethyst Eyes, for awarding me with the One Lovely Blog award. I'm a bit late in receiving it, but better late than never, right?

Here are the requirements for the award:
1. Include the picture in the post
2.Thank the person who nominated you
3. Nominate at least 15 other blogs
4. Tell Nominees
5. Give 7 random things about yourself
* * *
My 7 Randomness's are:

I love to cry, when I feel stressed. I feel so much better afterwards. I intend to write a short post on that soon:-). I just think it's a great gift. Sleep too:-)

I hate it when people gossip about others. I do my best to stay away from such people. Who's to say they won't gossip about me as soon as I turn my back?

I feel claustrophobic when around too many people (this is no surprise, I guess. My home country, Namibia only has around 2 million people. Namibia is almost three times bigger than Germany, by the way. German population is 81,799,600.).

I don't have a sweet tooth; instead, I love salty, sour, and spicy food...yum.

I don't like coffee, tea, or any hot drinks (unless I have a terrible cold and am desperate)

The next language I want to learn, after improving my Spanish, is Chinese (Then I'll speak Oshiwambo, English, German, Spanish, and Chinese). I'm still working on my husband's mother tongue.

I enjoy watching funny children clips on Youtube (when I can spare a moment). Here's one to hopefully make you laugh.
My Nominees are:


  1. Thanks so much for the award!

    I'm really impressed with all those languages! I'm very lazy about learning any, despite having a lovely French friend who's doing her best to educate me.

  2. Thank you, Liz, and congratulations to you and I'm so with you on the gossip!

    All those languages - you are an amazing and clever lady!

    I loved that clip :-) x

  3. Wow, Liz. We have so much in common. I also hate gossip. I don't like crowds...And I've just moved so I have been detached from the blogosphere lately. Thanks so much for this sweet Liz!

  4. Hi, Liz, I hopped over here from Julia's blog. I'm impressed by all the languages you know. Didn't know quite so many people live in Germany.

  5. Glad to hear you're settled after your move! Thanks much for passing on the award to me. Good for you, for being able to cry--it does help so much! :)

  6. Congrats on the award.
    I don't have a sweet tongue either. Xx

  7. You're welcome Patsy, Teresa, J.L.,Julia and Carol. I love you guys.

    Thanks so much Michelle for dropping by.