Sunday, October 9, 2011

Writing is like a warm bubble bath

Dear readers,

Have you ever felt that writing is your safe haven? I do. Last week I didn't have such a great week and it was work related (My fake job, which pays the bills as opposed to my real job, writing).
Anyway, on Friday, I was really stressed and a little low when I got home. Then I thought about the novel that I'm currently writing and just felt an immediate lift of spirit. Sometimes during the day when something doesn't go my way, I also just think about myself as a writer, my books and everything that goes with it and I feel so much better. That is the real me and in my world as a writer, I can can dream and create people, places and circumstances from nothing. I can be myself and have things the way I want them to be. Writing, to me, is like a warm bubble bath after a long stressful day or warm, cuddly socks on a cold. Once I sink myself into it, everything is okay with the world.  I can step out of the real world and create my own.
I really thank God for my talent. I can't imagine not being a writer. It's just the most beautiful gift anyone could have given me.
How does being a writer make you feel?




  1. I couldn't agree more. I'm lucky enough to be a full-time writer and I had to train myself to get off the computer at 3:00 when my daughter gets home from school, other wise I'd be on it all night as well.

    There's something so freeing about that escape from reality, no news, no teacher conferences, no non-working dishwasher.

    I think I would rather write than do anything else.

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  3. Love the way you think of the bill paying job as a fake job!

  4. I totally agree with that. I am a big journal person and that along with my blog provides me the perfect venues to take a warm bath every day. THanks for sharing.


  5. i might probably need to think about this..great post...i may be working a fake job!